Building Assessment

Most property owners and managers recognise that reactive maintenance is an expensive approach.

But until now, long term planning has been a major challenge. One reason? Until now, it’s been difficult for all but the largest property owners to accurately assess the current state of their buildings, let alone their expected state over time.

Foundation One is transforming that with 4site. 4site employs internationally proven software to gather accurate data on the most detailed aspects of a building.

The result is a comprehensive picture that supports accurate decision making right now and over the long term. Reports and analysis are evidence based, drawing on extensive data from hundreds of thousands of buildings over many years.

Now you can see where to invest your budget over time – what work is urgent, and what kinds of work can be grouped together later to save costs on labour, materials and equipment.

For the first time New Zealand property owners can enjoy the same efficiencies and savings as their US and European counterparts, with Foundation One as both a strategic partner and service provider.

4site is also powerful when considering a building purchase, as it provides a comprehensive picture of the building’s current and expected future condition.

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