Body Corporate Maintenance Plan

Body corporates are under increasing pressure to deliver professional grade services to their members.

That’s a big ask when most executive members have busy lives.

With Foundation One, your body corporate will enjoy the same quality of body corporate maintenance plan that a commercial client can expect.

That means we’ll assess the quality of the building using the latest and best technologies.

Our team of trained professionals will create a short or long term maintenance plan that delivers on what your members want.

Then our hand-picked crew will implement the plan – on time, within budget, and with the kind of customer service ethic you’d want from anyone coming into your home.

Not only do our crews tackle what’s needed now, they’re also trained to spot work that’s likely to need addressing in the near future. With Foundation One, you have trained eyes looking out for the health of your building at all times.

Talk to us about how a body corporate maintenance plan can save your members money over time and increase the value of their investment. Call us today on 09 810 8119.