Our Services


We provide the full suite of property maintenance services.

Our large team, supported by a 24/7 phone service, means you can count on a rapid, expert response to any maintenance issue.


Whether it’s routine maintenance, a total refurbishment, planning and project management or an emergency, we can handle it. The range of services we offer as standard is extensive, if there’s anything specific you need, we’ll tailor a solution to fit.


Refurbishment projects and capital works are critical in the lifecycle of any commercial building. Talk to us about your project, whether it’s for an offfice, shared space, or retail environment.

HVAC/Air conditioning

Because HVAC is such a critical part of an effective building, and can easily account for up to 40% of energy costs, we have a dedicated business arm to take care of it.


Foundation One Electrical provides building owners and managers with peace of mind. We deliver long term cost savings, extended life cycles of important equipment, and more satisfied tenants.


Foundation One specialises in this Passive Fire Protection. We take care of the register, marked plans and PS3, and also provide technical advice.

Building Assessment

Foundation One is transforming the industry by introducing 4site. 4site employs internationally proven software to gather accurate data on the most detailed aspects of a building.


We regularly partner building and construction companies to complete fitouts and installations of new buildings. We also work closely with design engineers, quantity surveyors, architects and clients.

Property Asset Management Software

If two people assess the work that will be needed on a commercial building in the next 10 years, you’ll probably get two wildly different answers. That’s because almost all such assessments are largely subjective.

Commercial Property Maintenance

A strong commercial property maintenance partner helps you attain the best long term returns on your asset. We work with our clients to understand the condition of the building, what the client wants over time, and how to provide the most cost effective maintenance plan now and into the future.

Body Corporate Maintenance Plan

Body corporates are under increasing pressure to deliver professional grade services to their members. That’s a big ask when most executive members have busy lives.

Long Term Maintenance Plan

Getting the maximum value from your commercial property over time takes more than day-to-day maintenance. It takes a long term view and a long term maintenance plan. That’s where we shine.