4 Promises

for better long term returns

1. We’ll save you time by providing a single source for all work

Do you spend too much time managing multiple suppliers? A carpenter here, an electrician there, and an HVAC specialist over there? 

When your preferred electrician's not available, you have to scout around for another. Not only that, but at the end of the month, you have multiple invoices to reconcile and pay. 

We provide the full suite of property maintenance services, and our team is big enough to ensure every job is handled quickly.

That’ll leave you and your team with more time to focus on things that make a real difference. 

2. We’ll reduce the cost of maintenance by creating efficiencies

Much property maintenance work is reactive. Something breaks or stops working, and it needs fixing right now. 

That’s expensive. 

Our approach can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Every time one of our team is on site, they’ll note anything they see that needs work now, or will need work soon.
  • Our project managers will then create a schedule to deal with this work in the most cost efficient way; for example, by bundling groups of repairs for a single visit.
  • They’ll also create a longer term maintenance schedule with you that ensures equipment is serviced or replaced, and repairs are done, at the optimum time. This will reduce costly equipment failures or the risk of replacing equipment that still has a lot of useful life left in it.

 3. A strategic, not reactive approach

Besides creating efficiencies, we also work with you to plan maintenance that will attract the best tenants and high rental returns, as well as the best sale price when the time comes.

 4. Around the clock service

Our size means we can have people on call 24/7. So if there’s an emergency like a broken water pipe, we can get someone onto it right now. We even have a dedicated emergency service number for all clients so when you call, you’ll get straight through.

Choosing Foundation One means 

  • Better communication – “one throat to choke”
  • Problems solved faster
  • No more hunting around for an available supplier
  • Less time reconciling monthly accounts
  • 24/7 service – always on call and just a single phone call away

How do we deliver long term efficiencies?

Tradespeople generally only see the task that’s right in front of them. That’s partly because an electrician gains no extra work seeing a building issue (say), and partly because the customer service ethic of tradespeople varies greatly.

We’ve addressed this by:

  • Employing high quality tradies who look beyond their own specialty
  • Building a project management team to work with clients on creating efficiencies
  • Backing up our onsite teams powerful office systems and software tools