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That means going beyond the technical aspects of the work (which we excel at), and thinking like an owner or manager. 

We're interested in delivering long term benefits, including cost savings, extended life cycles of important equipment, and more satisfied tenants.

You can count on our team to:

  • Look further than the task at hand and anticipate issues that might affect the building in the short-to-mid-term future
  • Raise those issues and suggest solutions
  • Look to what's needed to keep the building operating at an optimal level
  • Continually ask themselves what they can do to support the business owner or manager
  • Be proactive around Health & Safety matters, whether or not they relate to the task at hand 
  • Act professionally at all times


Why Facilities Managers appreciate us

When you think like a Facilities Manager, things like reliability are not exceptional or noteworthy. They're simply what's expected.

Our clients trust us to make their lives a bit easier, and to help them get their job done. We provide:

  • A single point of contact for high level discussions
  • Clear, concise reporting that covers not only work done or scheduled, but also work we think needs attending to soon
  • Clear, fully itemised budgets and a proactive approach around costs
  • Clear invoicing that fits with your systems, making reconciliation simple


Ask us about:

  • Ongoing maintenance - monthly lighting checks and repairs, switchboard compliance checking and inferred diagnostics
  • Contracts
  • Office fitouts
  • Lighting
  • Data cabling
  • Patch panels
  • Project work
  • Switchboards