Scott Partis, natural born project co-ordinator

Scott Partis small.jpg

A while back we advertised for a cadet; someone to perform general office duties while learning the ropes of the business.

We expected we’d get a newbie who’d require a fair amount of hand holding for the first little while – and we were okay with that. But were we mistaken! What we got was a natural born project co-ordinator who grasps responsibilities faster than we can put them his way: in supplies, transport, staff relations, safety and, above all, client service.

His name’s Scott Partis.

What attracted Scott to Foundation One was the opportunity to grow and try different things.

Scott completed a Bachelor of Business Studies at Massey University, majoring in finance, property management and valuation. His is often the first voice clients hear when they’re ringing with things that need solving. Scott invariably either deals with it himself or quickly puts the right person on to it. That adds a great deal to customer satisfaction – people like to talk to someone who listens and can organise a quick solution.

Scott does many other things as well: ordering supplies, making sure vehicle warrants are up to date, liaising with Health and Safety staff, and coordinating work teams. The people-handling skills he gained working in the Gold Class Cinema as a student hold him in good stead. (In fact he enjoyed the challenge of working in an people-focused workplace so much that he continues to work there part-time.)

We love having Scott on our team, and we see big things ahead for him.