Are you looking to increase efficiency and enhance the performance, lifespan and value of your commercial property?

Are you tired of paying a lot for not much value in return?

Call Foundation One, the property maintenance specialists. We make it our business to see that you get the best performance from the buildings you manage or own. 

That means we look at the world through your eyes. We think strategically and for the long term. We look beyond the immediate and the obvious, through to issues that can impact performance and profitability over time.

That's the context within which we deliver the full range of building maintenance, HVAC, electrical, refurbishment and fire prevention services. We have a carefully chosen, expert team of qualified professionals, with guaranteed workmanship, years of industry experience and the highest level of customer care.

Property maintenance

Refurbishment and capital works

Air Conditioning and Electrical


We hire not just for technical competence, but also for strong communication skills and a great customer service attitude.

Daniel Nixon, Managing Director