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When we created Foundation One, we set out to do something unique: provide property maintenance services that are both world class and affordable. While we’re always looking for new ways to raise the bar, here are the fundamental things you can count on us for:

EXPERTISE - years in the industry means that we can identify the quickest, most cost effective ways to plan and implement any maintenance or refurbishment work that needs to happen. We lead the way in the HVAC mechanical services sector, and we offer unsurpassed technical expertise and professionalism across the board.

THE RIGHT PEOPLE - whatever the task, we have the contacts to get the job done. Our extensive network has been built up over many decades. Our staff and tradespeople are among the best in the business - they're suitably qualified, accredited and they know their stuff.

PURCHASING POWER - dealing with suppliers daily means we enjoy substantial cost savings on a wide range of services and materials, nationwide. We pass those savings on to you.

QUALITY STANDARDS - we have robust quality control systems in place, we adhere to all the relevant building codes and safety requirements in the workplace, we have a compliant Health & Safety plan, and we have comprehensive insurance coverage, plus all appropriate warranties, guarantees and compliance certificates on our work.

PERSONALISED APPROACH - we work with our clients openly and collaboratively. We are responsive and reliable. You will have your own contract manager, who'll get to know your business, oversee all work, provide regular updates and make sure that you’re 100% satisfied, and that all work has met your needs.

COMMITMENT - we're on call 24/7. Just dial 09-810 8119 for access to our full range of services – locally, regionally and nationally.

EASE AND CONVENIENCE - the way we operate means you'll enjoy effortless, streamlined interactions, with the one point of contact, and one account to deal with. Simple.

09 810 8119

PO Box 84 441, Westgate
Auckland 0657